Branched Chain Amino Acids


Portland has really good food. Last night it was hot out. Skye, Julie and I sat on a patio with a beverage and a scrumptious dinner discussing branched chain amino acids (BCAA). 

These pieces of protein play a key role in promoting muscle growth. You can reach effective doses with diet alone, but many studies are done on consumption of only the three branched chain amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine. Supplementing with BCAA before or after exercise may help with muscle pain and damage following exercise. It has also been shown to slow muscle breakdown during exercise. 


A couple of things we were talking about over dinner:

  • RESW suggests protein pre-workout and for recovery to reduce muscle damage and fatigue.

  • Whey protein contains high amounts of leucine, but many people can not consume it due to GI distress.  More on this later.

  • 6-10 grams per hour of a BCAA sports drink may be beneficial during those long work outs.

I can assure you Skye is too warm in the sunshine, but she has consumed enough North Portland hipster foodie protein to recover from her workout today.