Dr. Seuss Said it Best

"Oh the things you can find if you don't stay behind."

You may be wondering about the new name. 
We do not have an identity crisis. Just a new name. (And a new location.)

When Kinetic Integration announced it was closing, Julie, Skye and I jumped into action. We sent out a cryptic newsletter to get everyone set with a referral contact. I met with Vince Blaney at North Lake Physical Therapy. Vince and I worked together at Upper Echelon Fitness back in the day and I have to tell you he is a talented PT. I am proud to announce that I will be making guest appearances at his facility. Vince and I are also looking at doing some joint bike team events for Team Oregon and Team Will Bar.

It has been amazing to receive all of your emails asking about referrals. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to discuss the best place to receive treatment.  

  • Maureen Sacon, DO  good for what ails your muscles and joints. 
  • Andy Kim, ND, LAc  offers amazing naturopathic care+ Boston Heart Labs but no insurance coverage.
  • Daniel Chong, ND  specializes in cardiovascular treatments + Boston Heart Labs but no insurance coverage. 
  • Mandala Medicine offers amazing acupuncture, naturopathic and massage care + Boston Heart Labs and + they bill all insurances that I am in network with.

I am looking forward to staying in Hood River. We have NormaTec recovery boots set up in the office. I am helping athletes get ready for road and enduro season. I caught someone who was in the early stages of cardiovascular disease and diabetes this week. I've been going to Pilates twice per week and am seeing the difference. Post Canyon is almost ready to ride. Skye, Julie and I have some really cool nutrition collaborations to share with you soon.

Dr. Seuss has said it well for years..."If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too."