Prepare to Perform

2017 is a New Year. 

It is a delight to think about our client's successes in 2016.  We helped folks win multiple State Championships, set personal bests, grind the gravel, complete their first triathlon, recover from injury and feel great doing it. We would love to tell you about our clients who conquered the pageantry, sparkle bus, abundant mud and hand-ups of the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships.  

How do we top that?

We are going to make it easier for you to access sports medicine focused wellness this year.

Health care insurance coverage has changed. Fitness technology and science is constantly changing. US Anti-Doping Agency rules have changed. Your goals have been updated. We can help you navigate all of this.

Over the coming year you will see some exciting additions to this practice. Julie is a level 3 USA Cycling Coach and a Liv Ambassador. Skye has completed a brain health training and is trying every sports nutrition recipe she can find. Melissa finished out last year as a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. She also completed continuing education from the Medicine of Cycling and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

Watch for our name change and new website. The new year brings new solutions for your wellness, and plenty of sweet swag.  

It is time to Prepare to Perform.